What is an OC-110A?

In New York State Workers’ Compensation, Form OC-110A is a document which a claimant may sign, which authorizes the release of all prior and/or current Workers’ Compensation claims in New York to whomever is listed on the form as a recipient. The following parties may be granted the release of this information: the claimant’s representative, the carrier’s attorney, the carrier, a doctor’s office, etc.

Each State in the US has their own procedure regarding the request of prior records. In NYS, once the OC-110A Form is signed by the claimant; the original document (with an original signature), must be mailed to the Board. Once the signature of the claimant is verified as authentic, the Board will release the records (if available) to the listed party and/or parties.

Why is obtaining an OC-110A helpful for a claim? For a defense attorney, the receipt of said records can be especially important. If the claimant has indeed sustained a prior injury to a similar or overlapping site of injury, the issue of apportionment may be raised. A finding of apportionment can help reduce the overall exposure and mitigate the value of a claim. As such, obtaining an executed OC-110A Form from the claimant can prove to be beneficial.

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