How to Check the Status of your Application(s) with USCIS Online

If you applied for a visa, green card, adjustment of status, or another form of immigration status with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are ways you may check for the status of your submitted application.

After you file your respective application(s) with USCIS, USCIS typically sends you a notice of receipt of your application with a unique receipt number on a document called, Form I-797C, Notice of Action. You need this receipt number to confirm the status of your application. The receipt number is a normally a 13-digit identification code provided by USICS that is assigned to your case. This receipt number is also provided in any correspondence you receive from USCIS pertaining to the respective application submitted.

To check your status online you can either do a quick search using your receipt number through the USCIS Case Status online tool or create a new account through myUSCIS or log in to your existing myUSCIS account to access information pertaining to your immigration case.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) maintains an official website called myUSCIS. This website is a portal that gives people access to the documents, applications, and information related to their immigration cases. To fully utilize myUSCIS, you must create an account. Otherwise, to receive a quick update, you may go to the online tool at the following address: Once there, you may input the receipt number in the box provided and click on the button “CHECK STATUS” to get a quick update on your application.

Another online option that may take additional time for a response is to send an email requesting an update. You must email your respective servicing center where your application was filed and request a status update, making sure to include your receipt number and other identifying information in the body of the email. Please refer below for the respective email addresses of the service centers:

Texas Service Center —

California Service Center —

Vermont Service Center —

Nebraska Service Center —

Please note that USCIS is unable to provide you with a case status update by email should your case have been referred to the National Visa Center (NVC) at the Department of State for further processing. Should this be the case, you can check your visa status with the NVC.

If you have any questions regarding how to check the status of your immigration application online, please contact Seri Han at or (201) 880-9374 for more information.