Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

USCIS requires immigrants to submit Form I-693 along with an application for Permanent Resident Status. This form establishes that an applicant is not inadmissible to the U.S. on health-related grounds. To complete Form I-693, an applicant must first schedule a medical examination with an authorized Civil Surgeon. An authorized Civil Surgeon is a doctor authorized by USCIS to perform medical examinations. A list of all registered Civil Surgeons can be located on the USCIS website. Once an appointment is scheduled, the applicant must bring a copy of Form I-693 for the doctor to complete during examination. The applicant must also bring a government-issued photo ID and any vaccination and/or immunization records to the examination.

First, the Civil Surgeon will perform a physical examination of the applicant. The doctor may also perform a tuberculin test, syphilis test, and laboratory tests. The doctor will confirm the applicant’s past medical history, and will administer required vaccinations if necessary.

After the exam is completed, the doctor will complete and sign Form I-693, and place the Form into a sealed envelope. The doctor will either return the sealed envelope to the applicant or the doctor may mail Form I-693 directly to USCIS. If the doctor returns the envelope to the applicant, it is very important that the applicant refrain from opening the sealed envelope. USCIS will not accept a tampered with or breached envelope. It is advisable for an applicant to request a copy of the physician-completed Form I-693 at the conclusion of the examination. Once USCIS is in receipt of Form I-693, USCIS will review same alongside the individual’s application to adjust status.

If you have any questions regarding Form I-693, please reach out to our office at or (201) 880-9374.